ActionStreamer offers an end-to-end solution for generating live point-of-view (POV) content, powered by proprietary data transmission & RF approaches, a custom content management system, lightweight wearable integrations, and media distribution outputs

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Custom radio frequency (RF) approach supplies the ability to shift into quiet & private channels, armed with a FCC license

Bandwidth management provides the power to livestream a double-digit number of feeds simultaneously

Image smoothing makes footage more pleasurable for viewing

Patents protect the technology that drives the innovation

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Safe, non-invasive integrations with lightweight, miniaturized components. Concepts produced via rapid prototyping.

Premium video quality for sharp, close-up imaging

Long-lasting batteries custom-selected for each use case

Crisp & clear audio for an additional layer of engagement

Digital gyroscopes capture data for image stabilization



Custom transceivers tailored for field-of-play dimensions

Play management console supported by on-site technicians to provide a hassle-free experience for partners

Rapid redirect to media partners for real-time, instant replay, and recorded footage via a variety of output types


If you want ActionStreamer to power your products, contact us about licensing.